Fully Customizable Inspection, Track & Trace and Equipment for the aquaculture industry

The parameters in which brand and product standards adhere to will be different across industies. Depending on the type of product, location and possible perishability, regulatory compliance dictates the amount of information manufacturers must provide in order to trade. Regardless of industry, we can design and produce the most advanced Inspection, Track & Trace and Equipment for the aquaculture industry on the market completely tailored to individual product needs.


These solutions provide the complete visual inspection of production line sample checks to ensure the reliability of production processes.

Track & Trace

Allow you locate and retrieve the route each item makes, right from production through to the end user.

Equipment for the aquaculture industry

Shrimp feeding machine, Measuring shrimp weight, Packaging, Equipment related to aquatic products.

IoT Device Development

We offer development of custom IoT devices, creating both Hardware and Software/Firmware according to your needs.

Blockchain Technology

Make sure your products are authentic and safe with our unique traceability solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI systems exist that use analytics data to help you predict outcomes and successful courses of action.

Our team of highly skilled experts are continuously providing state-of-the-art solutions for the sustainability of your business. According to Marketing Week, “sustainable brands can grow up to 50% faster than other businesses”. Our innovative technologies are pinnacle and the natural choice for growing industries.


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