• Data on dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), water environment monitoring data (temperature, salinity, pH, …) and monitoring of water level in the pond are updated continuously.
  • Automatic feeding according to pre-set volumes and schedules. Combined with artificial intelligence to automatically adjust the amount of food in accordance with shrimp status and weather.
  • Measure power consumption, current and voltage.


  • Create a flow that carries Dissolved Oxygen throughout the pond and efficiently collects waste. Reduced oxygen loss thanks to the molecular oxygen distribution system.
  • Supply of dissolved oxygen in ponds can reach > 20 mg/L.
  • Adjust the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water (DO) automatically, helping shrimp to grow quickly, less disease and save water treatment costs.

Additional information

Dimensions (D x R x C)

1,827 x 954 x 2,266 mm


185 kg


Stainless Steel 316 and Composite

Maximum flow rate

360 m3/h

Storage capacity

60 kg

Maximum spray dose

500 g/Min

Electricity supply

220 VAC / 1 phase – 50 Hz

Control method

TOMGOXY<sup>TM</sup> application on the phone

Connection method

4G/WIFI and Bluetooth


Mobile App