Our Mission

Leading the complete process of protecting products throughout their lifecycle, TRACEME delivers the most comprehensive and scalable global solutions in Inspection Systems, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management. Driven by competence, energy and passion, we have fun in providing innovative technologies and developing strong partnerships with our customers to co-create added value.


We have risen from a small laboratory of ideas and today, we are a global leader with the same aims driven from the same pioneering spirit. Our solutions are shaped from the common understanding of knowledge and creativity. For us, this is why technology is never the end, but rather a tool to express ourselves. We look to the future with the watchful eyes of those who have created new vision systems. We are aware of the hidden details which emerge from a greater knowledge and this is why we are the reference point for traceability too. We have the experience to understand complexity rules through the analysis of a tangled, ever-changing data environment. Through this fascinating combination of disciplines, we work daily to protect products from any market through the distribution chain.